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Develop better estimates, increase your margin, and profit.

How much profit are you leaving on the table?

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For $479/year, Profittable pays for itself by helping you earn up to 0 based on your current revenue.

Professional service firms can achieve profit margins of 25-50%, which means 25 to 40 cents of every dollar earned should go to your bottom line. Most firms don’t earn their maximum potential profit - losing as much as 20% from inaccurate estimates and resourcing plans crafted during the sales process. What would an additional 25%-40% of profit look like for your business?

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A formula anyone can understand.

Why should project estimation be difficult? Profittable makes it easier to keep the money your earn with validated formulas, visual timelines, collaboration tools, and estimated profit trend analysis.
Keep more of your profit
Spreadsheets are antiquated, difficult to use, and prone to errors – profittable makes it easy to keep more of the money you earn.
Understand your numbers
Act on profit and margin trends that improve your business over time.
Avoid costly errors
Create accurate and reliable estimates that ensure better gross margin, labor costs, and profit.

Profittable helps you spend less and keep more.


/month flat pricing

Project estimates

Project templates

Revenue forecasting

Expense calculations

Margin and profit calculations

Budget and profit trends

Resource planning

NetSuite: Financial Planning and Reporting
Wrike: Resource Planning
$24.80/user per month
Monday.com: Project Planning
$16/per seat per month
Gsuite: Spreadsheets
$12/per seat per month
Quickbooks: Profit and Margin Reporting
Replacing a stack of financial planning tools and office software that doesn’t provide the functionality you’re looking for.

$39.99/month flat pricing

Simple pricing to enable your success
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Cut the sheet, profit, repeat.

Spreadsheets are complicated and outdated. Profittable is simple and accurate - that's a formula anyone can understand.
Spreadsheet-based estimates create compound errors, produce unreliable results, can’t protect profits, and won’t help you scale your business.
Profittable estimates are AI-driven, CFO-validated, and provide trend-based insights and analysis. We help you achieve and protect your profit and margin.

Join leading businesses earning more on every project.

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Is Profittable right for us?

Margin and profit calculations are too important for formula-based spreadsheets that anyone can alter. Once your billing and labor rates and set profittable makes collaboration easy, error-free, and accurate. Most ERP and project estimation tools only provide lagging indicators. Profittable is designed to provide leading indicators that help you better manage your team and control cost and profit.  

Do you want good margins or great margins? Profittable is design to replace multiple ERP and project estimation tools, lower costs, and increase project and company profitability. There's always more profit on the table and a single percentage point can make a big difference for bottom line performance.

One small mistake in your spreadsheet can become one giant problem for your bottom line. Excel and Google spreadsheets are prone to errors that can be alter your calculations, provide bad data, and become duplicated over time. Profittable's calculation engine ensures that your estimates are accurate and precise.

Profittable combines project estimation and project resourcing to create precise estimates that inform resourcing and easily integrate with your existing tools and processes. Exportable CSV and XLS data ensures that everyone on your team has access to the information they need to manage cost and margin.

Regardless of scale, few organizations have the ERP and project estimation tools in place to accurately predict project profitability. Most financial and resource planning tools provide lagging indicators, resulting in a distorted view of what has happened. Profittable provides leading indicators, shaping your cost, resourcing, and management approach and ensuring  profitability and cost controls.

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